How We Teach & Support

It's the little things we do to support an individualised learning program that get us the big results

How we teach and support

At Chirnside Park we are dedicated to the detail and we want to ensure every child achieves to their own potential. 

This means ensuring we have a robust system of teaching and support that not only caters to the average (or middle student) – but also the advanced student or the student that need some extra support. 

For learning to take place we need to ensure that every child feels safe, happy and confident within themselves – and so a huge emphais is placed on a strong wellbeing and support program that achieves just that!

Advanced Learners

Engagment is the key to learning and growth. Through a rigorous assessment process we learn quickly who our advanced students are and tailor a unique program that challenges them   

Extra Needs Learners

Sometimes concepts take a little longer to grasp for some kids than they do for others. We all develop at different rates and as a teaching staff we are very aware of those students who need that bit of extra support. 

Good Character

One of the cornerstones of what we teach at Chirnside Park. We want all of our students to go out into the world as solid and contributing members of the community. The teaching process of ‘good character’ starts in Prep and by the time the students leave us in Grade 6 – the community will know that they are Chirnside Park kids 

Confident & Happy Kids

We want school to be a place that’s fun – so we do a few things to achieve this. We ensure that every child experiences success. This builds confidence. Secondly, we make learning tasks fun and engaging. And thirdly – we allow kids to be kids. We want school to be a place of experimentation, exploration and somewhere that inspires them to be their best self.

Kinder to Prep Transition

The big step from Kinder to Prep is one that all kids handle a little bit differently (and parents too for that matter!). We have a bunch of great programs in place to ensure everyone makes it through this milestone with flying colours!

Moving Schools

If you are moving into the local area and are looking for a new school (or whatever your moving circumstances might be) – we understand that it can be a significant and daunting challenge for both you and your child. Fortunately, it’s quite common and we have plently of tricks up our sleeve to ensure the move goes smoothly. 

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